Here in Toronto, we took a different approach at presenting a brand that has never been debut outside of Asia.

Traditionally, LeTAO shops have been located in prestigious shopping centres as well as department store depachikas across Asia with very few street retail concepts.


LeTAO in Toronto is located on the quaint and calm College Street right outside of the culturally important Kensington Market.

The conception comes from having it setback from the busy hustle and bustle to create a serene and relaxing experience. When you venture over to LeTAO, it should be a destination and a memory to cherish.

In designing the space, we stayed true to our brand slogan of “Nostalgic Modern”

We painstakingly refinished and preserved the beautiful Italian terrazzo floors and retained the century old original brickwork that was once covered over.

Every inch was thought out in detail, from the increased space within the foyer to allow for strollers to bi-fold windows that open all the way to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

A minimal & modern look and our trademark blue/ivory combo was incorporated throughout.

Counter and its facade were all hand sculpted locally to evoke the organic patterns and shapes that occur when parchment paper is used to wrap cakes prior to baking.

Custom glass display cases for all the delicious sweets were added to stay true to our Japanese roots.

Custom chrome blue wrap was used for our signage to signify our unwillingness to conform.

Hand lettering was added to these beautiful Rich Brilliant Willing scones by a local artist to showcase simplicity and elegance.

Ample seating through out our space allows for a comfortable and homely atmosphere for where ever life may take you next. See you soon!

 Special thanks to: Kilogram Studio, Manual Art, Chris Rouleau, Milan Jurisic, and the many individuals behind the scene who made this a reality.